Gold with Titanium and Stainless Steel Accents

TM 501 & TM 505 (in 14K
Rose & Green Gold

GT 853-R 18YL, GT 852-R 14WT

GT 853-R 14YL

GT 853-R 14YL, GT 852-R 14WT,
GT 851-R 14-Rose

GT 853-F 14WT

GT 853-F 14WT, GT 852-F 18YL,
GT 851-F 14-Rose

GT 853-F , GT 852-Fi,
GT 851-F 14WT & Titanium

GT 852-R 14WT


GT 852-F 18YL

GT 852-F 14WT, GT 852-F 18YL

GT 851-R 14-Rose

GT 822 CRN-M 18YL, GT 822 FT-M 18YL, GT 822 FT-L 18YL


GT 588-M 18YL, GT 588-M 18WT

GT 585-M 14YL, GT 585-M 14WT

GT 585 FT 14YL, GT585 FT 14WT

GT 580 18YL


GT 580 18YL, GT 570 14WT,
GT 560 14-Rose

GT 570 14WT

GT 560 14WT

GT 560 14-Rose


GT 544-M 14YL, GT 544-M 14WT

GT 544-M 14WT, GT 544-M 14YL,
GT 544-P 14YL

GT 524-M 18YL,
GT 524-L 18YL (flush versions)

GT 524 FT 14WT, GT 524 FT 18YL


GT 520 18YL, GT 510 14-Rose,
GT 515 14WT

GT 258-FT 6.25mm 14-Rose,
14WT, 18YL

GS 505-M 18YL, GT 501-M 14WT

GS 501-SC 18YL & GT 505-SC 14WT